Our selection of pottery at Greenbrier Nurseries is nearly unrivaled by any garden center in America. We offer many styles of glazed and rustic pots from Vietnam, Maylasia, China and Thailand. Our terra cotta selection features pots from China, Italy and Mexico as well as domestic sources.

Newer trends in pottery include resin, fiberglass and aggregate mixes that offer light weight alternatives to stone, granite and terra cotta. We have greatly expanded our resin selection. We offer products from two new factories in Italy that add breadth to this growing category of containers.

We offer a full line of wrought iron hayracks and planters that are great for growing mix containers of flowers. They are easily lined with moss or cocoa fiber to make a great growing environment for plants.

We suggest that you visit our stores to see the vast array of possibilities that exist for great containers in your garden.

Sorry, shipping is not available on heavy containers.